Christine’s Plan for Greek Easter During Quarantine

April 15, 2020

I look forward to Greek Easter every year. Greek Easter is usually celebrated on or after Catholic Easter. This year, Easter is April 19, so in case anyone celebrated on April 12 and wants to have two fun celebrations, get your whisk and grill ready as I share some foodie favorites on what to make for your Greek bonanza.

Like any traditional holiday, Greek Easter is about three things (with the obvious exception of religion):  family, food, and fun! I grew up going to a Macedonian Park in Calistoga every year for Easter. The entire family (all 40 of us) would rent a long picnic table and bring different Greek dishes to share. The best way to eat Greek food is family-style. While this year I will miss the smell of lamb cooking on the BBQ, a live Greek band in the background, and Greek dancing snaking throughout the park, I hope to recreate a similar ambiance at home with my favorite dishes, Spotify, and FaceTime.

Here are some Greek classics for you to enjoy!

  1. Paidakia (Greek style lamb chops)
  2. Spanakopita (spinach pie)
  3. Bizelosalata (pea and feta salad)
  4. Tsoureki (sweet Easter bread)
  5. Koulourakia (cookies)