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I cannot speak highly enough about Casey. She was incredibly professional and guided us through a very challenging process. She listened intently and then kept us on track with our original goals when it came to buying our new home, like ensuring our son had a place in the yard that could be  dedicated to playing sports. Casey’s skills led to incredible outcomes on both the sell and buy side. We couldn’t be happier in our new home, for which she helped us find the contractors to get the home ready for us in a very short period of time. Through the whole process Casey was there to guide us, calm our nerves, and celebrate with us. Thank you Casey!


“I met Casey at a neighbors’ open house at Bay Meadows in San Mateo. When it was time for me to sell my condo, I chose to work with Casey because several families in the neighborhood highly recommended her services.


Casey made the process of selling easy and stress-free. Casey came up with a  clear plan and key dates for staging, photo-shoots, listing, open house schedules, etc. Casey also brought a team of professionals to put the plan into action. All my family had to do was to get out of the house for a few days and let Casey’s team do the work. I was very impressed with the marketing materials Casey’s team produced. Aerial view of our neighborhood, pictures and videos taken inside my condo conveyed the sense of luxury and showed a very desirable place to live in. I had no idea how beautiful my home could be until Casey’s interior designer brought out its potential with thoughtfully placed furniture and accent pieces. Casey kept the selling process on track and also kept me updated about the progress at all times.  We got our best offer just after the first week on the market. Casey guided me through the negotiation process and helped to get the best price. 


Buying a new house with Casey was also a very pleasant experience. Casey was a very good listener. She collected a wish-list from every member of my family to help us synthesize the vision of our dream home. Every step of the buying process from touring houses on the market to closing the escrow was well organized. Casey also knew the market very well. She did an excellent job negotiating with the seller’s agent and kept the purchase price within our budget.

Vera & Nikolay

"I would work with Casey again if I ever have to buy or sell a house”

Maggie & Lou

“Tess was fantastic to work with as she not only was incredibly professional, thorough and knowledgeable, she was also very caring and easy to work with.  We had been looking on and off for a bit, but she really helped motivate and help us get our act together with looking at our finances, then  showing us a variety of options until we were able to narrow down exactly what we wanted that we could also afford.
She was incredibly responsive and was able to talk us through a process that can be pretty nerve wracking.  She never pushed us or made us feel pressured, she just made sure we understood how the market was moving.  
She supported us all the way through closing and also provided great contacts for moving, cleaning, floor installation, etc.    She isn’t just about the money, but truly cares about her clients.  She has the most positive no matter what’s going on”

Alex & Soli

“Tess is awesome! She guided us throughout a stressful process and made it into a dream experience. She was friendly and professional, and she answered all of our questions every step of the way. Tess is very professional and patient with a wealth of knowledge. I will recommend her to everyone! As  a matter of fact, I have already recommended her to a few friends and they all had the same pleasant experience”

Crystal & Jason

“My husband first met Casey at an open house in our community. At the time, he was just casually looking around while jogging, but was very impressed by Casey's professionalism. From that point on, we began noticing that their team sold the majority of all townhomes in the Bay Meadows community.   This team clearly knew what they were doing. When we decided to sell our place, we knew we had to go with Casey's team. From the very start, we could tell their service level and marketing approach were top notch. She patiently walked us through their process and even left a leather bound book with colorful photos of all the recently sold comps in our area.  Through the whole process, Casey offered her expert advice while ensuring she listened to our preferences (e.g. She suggested we stage our home and we are so glad that we did. I didn't like the couches in the sample photos she sent over and she totally took my feedback into consideration and switched them out to my liking). Most importantly, she far exceeded our expectations with the sale price. We are beyond ecstatic and will definitely be referring her to our friends and family.”

Tom & Theresa

“Casey and Tess helped us sold our home at Bay Meadows at record time, with multiple offers & a good final selling price. As you'd expect with any home sale, they were a couple of complications which they smoothed out for us. We seem to have put the house on the market at the worst time - one weekend before Thanksgiving. Despite the tight schedule, they helped us preped for the home showings, gave us expert advises, and we managed to got several good offers within a week time, with with super quick closing. These days, people are tempted to "do it yourself". But Casey is the kind of agent that really earns that commission and makes you feel you got your money worth and then more. They seem to be listing agents from every homes at Bay Meadows and selling all of them super quickly. I think people are on to them - in a good way.”

Julie Natali & Burns Lane

“Worked with Tess and Casey to buy and sell our homes. They are true professionals. They understand the local market and really know how to set your home up for success - the staging, advertising, photography, videography, and open events - they organize it all. Initially, i wasn't a fan of staging but once I saw the results, I was blown away. Our purchase was complex owing to some small issues with the home - Tess went out of her way to come up with resolutions. I'm always on and sometimes I think I overstepped the boundaries as far as contacting Tess out of hours and coming up with lots of requests - not once did Tess say no or sound flustered. These ladies work tirelessly to benefit their clients.  Motivated, dedicated and professional!  Thank you Tess and Casey!”


Insightful local knowledge and extensive expertise. We looks forward to earning your family’s trust and leveraging our success for your benefit for generations to come. We looks forward to earning your family’s trust and leveraging our success for your benefit for generations to come.

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