SCHOOLS ARE AN IMPORTANT FACTOR to many in determining where to buy a home. We have compiled excellent resources on this subject and are pleased to include in this report the scores for English and Math for each of the public elementary and middle schools in that city. The scores shown are in comparison to the standard score based on state testing.

We encourage you to use these scores as just the starting point in helping you make a home buying decision. At you will find a quick overview plus additional detail about overall performance and student group performance on multiple measures of student success. This will assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement at schools. The most important decision will be to determine which school works best for your child.


Scores shown are in comparison to the standard score based on state testing

Rocketship Redwood City [K-5] -30 -11
 Redwood City Elementary +5 +14
 Roosevelt Elementary -14 -30
 John F Kennedy Middle +1 -51
 Roy Cloud Elementary +67 +35
 McKinley Institute of Tech. [6-8] -18 -78
 Taft Elementary -16 -31
 Hoover Elementary -55 -38
 Adelante Spanish Immersion [K-5] 19 -7
 Connect Community Charter [K-8] -54 -88
 Hawes Elementary -27 -36
 Henry Ford Elementary -3 -14
 KIPP Excelencia Community Prep. [K-8] +9 +4
 Clifford Elementary +34 +4
 Fair Oaks Elementary -81 -61
 Orion Alternative [K-5] +15 +6
 North Star Academy [3-8] +114 +116


The data provided here is based on 2019; due to the Covid-19 pandemic, state law suspended the reporting of state and local indicators on the 2020 dashboard. The data gathered from the California School Dashboard (, uses a variety of state and local metrics to assess how schools are meeting the diverse needs of California students. Ask us about other resources we have available for school accountability. It’s all part of our service to you.