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The holidays in Burlingame are a captivating blend of tradition and innovation, offering a myriad of festivities that weave together the town’s rich community spirit and modern charm. The town comes alive with bustling festivals, captivating theatre performances, and the joyful sounds of carolers filling the air, inviting residents and visitors to embrace the merriment. This vibrant tapestry of holiday events honors time-honored traditions and embraces the spirit of togetherness, making Burlingame a genuinely enchanting destination during the festive season.

Holiday Tree Lighting & Winterfest

The holiday tree lighting marks a cherished tradition that unites the community in a radiant display of festive cheer. Amidst joyful laughter and the melodic strains of carols, the town's mayor, often accompanied by special guests or even Santa himself, flicks the switch, igniting the tree in a dazzling spectacle that signifies the official start of the holiday season in Burlingame. Afterwards at WInterfest, everyone is able to interact with community groups, children can ride the train, and you can get your photo with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. It's a cherished tradition that infuses the town with a magical ambiance, fostering a sense of unity and spreading contagious holiday joy throughout the community.
2023 Itinerary: 
Tree lighting at 5 pm at City Hall 
Winterfest from 6-8 on Burlingame Ave. 

Winter Market

This is the first-ever Winter Market in Burlingame at the Community Center and free for all attendees. This event has over 30 vendors, food trucks, and even a kid zone for two days of holiday shopping. Support your local vendors by doing your holiday shopping at the Winter Market.
2023 Itinerary: 
9 am - 5pm
Burlingame Community Center

Events Nearby In San Mateo

San Mateo on Ice 

San Mateo on Ice transforms the heart of the city into a magical winter wonderland, inviting locals and visitors alike to glide into the holiday spirit. Nestled within Central Park, this seasonal ice skating rink creates a picturesque scene where laughter and joy resonate against the backdrop of twinkling lights and seasonal decorations. Skaters of all ages and skill levels lace up their skates to gracefully glide across the glistening ice, creating cherished memories with family and friends. San Mateo on Ice offers daily recreational ice skating, parties, private ice time and special event bookings.
Open Nov 10th through January 7th
See 2023 Schedule & Pricing Here

IlluminOdyssey at CuriOdyssey

IlluminOdyssey at CuriOdyssey is an immersive and enchanting experience that transports visitors into a dazzling world of light, wonder, and scientific exploration. Set within the innovative landscape of CuriOdyssey, this captivating event blends art and science, captivating guests of all ages. Through a series of interactive and illuminated exhibits, visitors embark on a journey that sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination. The combination of vibrant colors, interactive displays, and innovative installations creates a mesmerizing atmosphere that not only entertains but also educates, offering a unique fusion of art and STEM exploration. IlluminOdyssey at CuriOdyssey illuminates the holiday season with a radiant spectacle that celebrates the intersection of creativity and scientific discovery, making it a must-visit destination for families seeking both entertainment and inspiration.
Open November 11 through January 28th

Events Nearby in Redwood City

Christmas Market at Gourmet Haus Staudt

The Christmas Market at Gourmet Haus Staudt is a festive event held annually in Redwood City, California. Gourmet Haus Staudt is a German-inspired beer garden and deli that hosts this traditional Christmas market, offering a taste of European holiday traditions to visitors.The market often features live music, entertainment, and activities for families where ugly sweaters are encouraged, adding to the festive spirit and creating a memorable experience for all who attend.
2023 Itinerary: 
December 3, 2023 
12 pm - 5pm
Gourmet Haus Staudt
2615 Broadway St. Redwood City

Events Nearby in San Jose

Enchant - Santa’s Magic Timepiece

Enchant is renowned for its immersive experience, featuring a dazzling display of lights, a massive illuminated maze, a Christmas market, and a visit from Santa Claus himself. The event includes an artisan Christmas market in The Village, offering a variety of unique gifts, crafts, and holiday-themed items from local vendors, as well as ice skating and a Little Elves Play place. Plan your visit on their website and check out their theme nights as well.

Taking a Day Trip Into San Fransisco?

Holidays at the Fairmont

The holidays at the Fairmont in San Francisco unfold like a magnificent tapestry of elegance and festive splendor. Nestled atop Nob Hill, this iconic hotel transforms into a seasonal haven, exuding timeless charm and holiday magic. Adorned with enchanting decor and twinkling lights, the Fairmont becomes a captivating retreat, offering guests a resplendent experience. The Fairmont's legendary holiday events, such as their lavish tree lighting ceremony, holiday tea, and annual life-sized Gingerbread house, beckon guests into a world of refined luxury and warm hospitality, creating cherished moments and treasured memories against the breathtaking backdrop of San Francisco's skyline.

San Fransisco Chanukah In Union Square

There are many Chanukah festivities in Bay Area but the annual Menorah lighting in Union Square is one you won’t want to miss. Throughout the festival, there might be performances featuring live music, dance, storytelling, and theatrical presentations that highlight the history and spirit of Hanukkah. 
2023 Itinerary
Full Schedule Here

Some of our other favorite events in the area include: 


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